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About us

Pit Pro are a family run business centered around making great, affordable BBQ recipes available to everyone, regardless of what setup you're cooking on.


For me, the happiest days of my life are BBQ Saturdays with my family. My little boy Jasper gets up at 7:30 every morning and that means so do I, even on weekends. In fact, on weekends I like to get up a little early as its time to light the pit ready for the days food adventure. Once the pit is lit I like to sit in the conservatory with a lovely cup of tea and listen to the morning birdsong, It's pretty much the only 15 minutes I get in the whole week to really sit and think, the calm before the storm. After this it's time to be a dad, a husband and a pitmaster – all before lunch!

Fast forward a few hours and family are round and I’m pulling pork and pulling pints – it's like Christmas every other week for me and the BBQ is the Presents, Turkey and Queens speech all rolled in to one. And it never gets old


​My father-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer just after lockdown started in 2020, because of the restrictions the only time we were able to come together as a family was in the garden, around the fire… the memories of those afternoons are some of my most cherished.

12 hours after he passed away in March 2021 I was made redundant.. and I knew straight away that I wanted to share my passion for great outdoor cooking with other people in a sustainable and community focused way, and so Pit Pro, the BBQ cooking subscription, was born.

When we had the idea of sharing this with other people we couldn’t ignore it. This is why we created Pit Pro, and more specifically Spice club. For a lot of people BBQ is a means to an ends, feeding the masses. We want your BBQ’s to be events as well in their own rights, we want your friends and family to come together and make memories with great food and great company.

It would be great to have you on the Spice Club journey and I hope it gives you the same fun and joy out of BBQing as I get. 



Pit Pro

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