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A box bursting with flavours, cooking guides and recipes from around the world. Fuel your BBQ passion.

Spice Club

You can swap over any time!

Recycled Paper

Cancel or pause at any time. For £9.95 each month we'll send you:

Two world inspired BBQ spice rubs, designed and blended by the Pit Pro family.

Either a blend of up to three smoking woodchips/pellets. A locally produced sauce or another way to infuse your food with flavour.

Recipes based on world cuisine, guest Pitmaster or monthly themes plus handy how-to guides.

Free delivery through your letterbox, no need to wait around or sign!

Good to know:

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Your welcome pack

Your welcome pack will have a few extras including guides on different ways to set your BBQ up and a little bit about us.

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All year round

We know that sometimes the Great British weather can let us down, so all our recipes are designed to be cooked in either an oven or BBQ.

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What friends are for!

Give out your referral code and every time it's used your friend gets 50% off their first box and you get a month FREE!

Don't just take our word for it

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"I can’t praise this subscription service enough. The recipes are well thought out and the flavours are perfectly balanced. The spice packets are not one hit either, you can get at least a couple of meals out of each. Looking forward to summer next year already so I can get back to using the BBQ rather than the oven."

"I Joined Pit Pro 3 months ago and I love it. The recipes and ideas are great for fresh ideas in the kitchen. The Spices are well mixed and of very good quality. I signed my brother and dad up and they both love it. If you are into your BBQing or even if you just love good food... then i highly recommend it. Great value for money."

"I'm so pleased to have signed up to Pit Pro; I was nervous to start smoking (on the BBQ) but with Pit Pro's brilliant advice and recipes, my confidence is on the up and can be used for indoor & outdoor cooking! The flavours are amazing and such a reasonable price for what you get, great value all round."

An extra place at your table

Children Running

We’ve partnered with the charity Magic Breakfast so that each month you renew with us we'll pay for a nutritious breakfast for a school child dealing with food insecurity in the UK, setting them up to have a great day! We like to think that when you’re loving great Pit Pro food, there’s a Kiddo somewhere sharing that love.

Roasted Chicken

Why choose us?

We believe great BBQ food is about how it makes you feel, it’s about family, friends and community and it’s our privilege to be able to share that with our customers.

When we had the idea of sharing this with other people we couldn’t ignore it. This is why we created Pit Pro, and more specifically Spice club. For a lot of people BBQ is a means to an ends, feeding the masses. We want your BBQ’s to be events as well in their own rights, we want your friends and family to come together and make memories with great food and great company.

So on behalf of Me, my wife Sophie, little Jasper and the rest of the Pit Pro family, we wish you the warmest welcome to Spice Club.


And if you want to hear more about how we got started check this out.


Founder, Pit Pro

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