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Year Three!

When I founded Pit Pro – the BBQ cooking club I didn’t really think about what would be happening so far down the line.

The great news is over 95% of our customers stayed with us throughout the winter, thank you! I’d like to think that’s because all our recipes can be cooked indoors too but I know that like me there are people outside all winter.

We’ve made some changes over the winter too, we now include different things in our boxes such as sauces, smoked tea and a few other surprises – anything that will add a little flavour.

If you need a gift for a BBQ lover then look no further than us. The sun is coming out now and summer is on the horizon, we have some awesome stuff lined up for this summer so don’t miss out. And of course you can use the code PitPro50 to get 50% off your first box.

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