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We've upgraded our software and added a load of cool new features for you. But, to take advantage of these you'll need to do a few things.

With our new software you’ll be able to refer your friends/family to spice club! This means they’ll get 50% off their first box PLUS you’ll get your next box for FREE!

You’ll also be able to pause of cancel your subscription from your account rather than calling us. But, you can still give us a ring it’s always great to hear from you.


We’ve partnered with The Magic Breakfast so that  with the new software each month you renew with us we'll pay for a nutritious breakfast for a school child dealing with food insecurity in the UK, this will set them up to have a great day! We like to think that when you’re loving great Pit Pro food, there’s a Kiddo somewhere sharing that love.

There are loads of other cool features which we’ll be releasing in time – all part of packing each month full of as much value as we can.

But this new software is SO radical we can’t migrate you over… so you’ll need to sign up again (sorry!)

The good news is you can get 50% off your first box with the new software with code: Newtoys50 (Please don’t use any other codes though as this one will ensure your old subscription is cancelled!)

Oh and if you want to log in to your old account click below


Hope you’re loving spice club!

All the best,


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