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Let’s get gifty

Since we moved to our new BBQ podcast I haven’t done much blogging but it’s getting to the time of year when we’re looking for Christmas gifts. Well, we think we have the perfect gift for a BBQ lovers this year. A pre paid subscription to the UK’s only BBQ subscription service, starting whenever you prefer. Spice rubs, smoking wood and recipes all delivered through their letterbox every month. Buy now and we’ll also send you a welcome pack and up to two gifts gift to give them on the day.

Talking of Christmas, this month we’re sending out our Christmas recipes. This month we have a little extra – Three spice mixes! One for your Turkey, one for a Christmas ham and another to make some awesome Christmas sweet and spicy nuts! Yum!

Don’t forget – you can cook all our recipes if you need to, believe it or not there is some weather even I won’t cook in… Wind and rain at the same time, makes temperature control a nightmare!

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